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So 4 varieties of brand new Georgian wine called “Vismino”.Literally in a few blocks we came under ferocious gunfire. The spooks were spraying from above, madly (about 20 guns) but disorganised. With a couple of grunts now had to leave our APCs behind and sneak our way over to the headquarters. - We should scarper, before cleanup is not started.

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At least the dogfaces are more confident now, more or less used to this, all were tested by fire.

Leskov (c) Copyright 2001 translation by Marta Malinovskaya (c) Copyright 2009, 2011 translation by Oleg Abramov (c) Copyright 2001 translation by Oleg Petrov ([email protected]) Date: Feb-Mar 2001 I'm running. Up there on "The Continent" he'd definitely go nuts.