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09-Sep-2017 08:48

"Isis placed herself in front of [the woman], Nephthys behind her, and Heqet hastened the birth.

The child rushed forth into [Isiss] arms, his bones strongthen they washed him and his umbilical cord was cut.

In the former, the woman lies down, and her breasts, both arms and shoulders, are smeared with new oil.

Early in the morning she is to be examined, and if her blood vessels look fresh and good, none being collapsed, that is, sunken, bearing children will occur.

When only one species germinated, the prediction of gender was correct in seven cases, and incorrect in sixteen cases.

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Women delivered their babies kneeling, or sitting on their heels, or on a delivery seat.Giving birth could also be a difficult and often dangerous process.In the tomb of King Horemheb at Saqqara were the fragmented remains of his queen Mutnodjmet, who was between the ages of 40 and 45 when she died.Ancient Egyptians estimated the time of gestation from 271 to 294 days, compared from the modern count of 282 days from the onset of the last cycle.

The Egyptians believed that the uterus opened into the abdominal cavity, but also, that the alimentary canal coming from the mouth also connected with the uterus and the abdominal cavity.

Among those remains were found the tiny bones of a fully developed fetus.

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