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27-Oct-2017 03:07

Microsoft Cognitive Services lets you tap into a growing collection of powerful AI algorithms developed by experts in the fields of computer vision, speech, natural language processing, knowledge extraction, and web search.The services simplify a variety of AI-based tasks, giving you a quick way to add state-of-the-art intelligence technologies to your bots with just a few lines of code.The Vision APIs support a variety of image understanding features.They can identify mature or explicit content, estimate and accent colors, categorize the content of images, perform optical character recognition, and describe an image with complete English sentences.Learn more about web search with Microsoft Cognitive Services.The Vision APIs bring advanced image and video understanding skills to your bots.

Each profile consists of basic information, her story about herself, her ideas of a perfect partner, her hobbies, age criteria, and relationship goals.

Chat with Russian ladies is always exciting and entertaining. As well, you will have a chance to get to know each other better and understand if you match or not.

Video chat is yet another useful instrument of getting along with Slavic girls.

The interaction between users and bots is mostly free-form, so bots need to understand language naturally and contextually.

The Cognitive Service Language APIs provide powerful language models to determine what users want, to identify concepts and entities in a given sentence, and ultimately to allow your bots to respond with the appropriate action.Use the Speech APIs to add advanced speech skills to your bot that leverage industry-leading algorithms for speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion, as well as speaker recognition.

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