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Though everyday use of the script has largely been supplanted by the Latin alphabet, the Balinese script has significant prevalence in many of the island's traditional ceremonies and is strongly associated with the Hindu religion.The script is mainly used today for copying lontar or palm leaf manuscripts containing religious texts.Below is an example of how a date is written using Balinese numerals (date: 1 July 1982, location: Bali): Assimilation in Balinese occurs with-in the word.Balinese script represents assimilation occurred, however Latin script sometimes may not represent this.However, attaching two or more gantungan to one letter is forbidden; this condition is known as tumpuk telu (three layers).Adeg-adeg may be used in the middle of a sentence to avoid such situation.

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Pure Balinese can be written with 18 consonant letters and 9 vowel letters, while Sanskrit transliteration or loan words from Sanskrit and Old Javanese utilizes the full set.Thus, as some Brahmic family (Javanese), consonant cluster is written in stack.

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