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01-Jul-2017 17:00

For most, it may have been his infamous Obama rant.

For some, it may have been when they saw his recent tweet -- in which he directs his transphobic vitriol at an 8-year-old boy.

(Children can be amazing sometimes.) So the "what you've done" thing is weird, but unfortunately a lot of bigots make similar statements about parents of children who are gay or bi or trans. You know not of what you speak, and should be ashamed of yourself." That's exactly what needed to be said.

As if somehow this is something that parents are doing to their children. (Also, Buffalo Bill was explicitly stated in both the book and film as not being trans) But James Woods knows that his bigoted followers will eat up his every word. Neil Patrick Harris, however, wasn't having it: "Utterly ignorant and classless, Mr. Also, "you know not of what you speak" is the elegant way of calling someone an ignorant fool who embarrasses themselves every time that they open their mouth. Remember when Twitter was ablaze with talk of Anderson Cooper's famous eyeroll while talking to Kellyanne Conway?

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Why is one gender supposed to like grilling things?

But the worst part is the end, of course, where James Woods evokes antiquated fears that associate trans people with serial killers.