New york times online dating spreadsheet

12-Nov-2017 23:54

For the past several months, the R&D Lab has been working, quietly, on a time-based representation of how the Times’ news content is being shared in Twitter’s social space. Superficially, it’s a data visualization, but it’s actually a tool that could, ever so slightly, change the way we think about online engagement.

It’s the product of a collaboration among Mark Hansen, the UCLA stats professor who spent a spring 2010 sabbatical working at the Times as what Zimbalist calls the paper’s “futurist-in-residence” — that casual title alone offers evidence of the scope of the R&D Lab’s ambition — along with Jer Thorp (data artist in residence) and Jake Porway (data scientist).

The tool, which focuses on Twitter and uses information from the URL shortener, is their solution.

You can extract these separately from your new date-as-text column using the …will go to cell D2, start from the 4th character in that cell, and grab 2 characters from that point.

And though, at this point, we’re all familiar with the wonders of social analytics, the tool distinguishes itself for the fact that it treats people not (well, not ) as data points, but rather as information agents — active participants in news consumption.

One of the problems journalism, as an institution, has had in fully engaging its audience (and, relatedly, in engendering that audience’s trust) has been logistical: News outlets simply haven’t had the tools that would allow them to understand their readers — and to understand, at levels both broad and detailed, how those readers engage with their content.

But you still have a problem: when formatted as text, dates cannot be properly sorted (the day of the month determines the order primarily, regardless of month or year), and you cannot easily find out what day of the week a date was, or calculate the time since a date.

To convert the date-as-text back into a proper date stored by Google Sheets as a number, you will need to use the function performs the reverse action: it turns text into a date-as-number.In this case, however, it allows us to create a ‘fake’ date by putting numbers in a particular order.

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