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08-Nov-2017 08:20

The unfortunate reality is that 72% of new moms never lose their baby pooch.

The good news is that you no longer have to be a part of that statistic.

Links that meet the criteria will show up lower in the News Feed, and will not be eligible to to be turned into an ad on Facebook.

The type of ads being targeted by Facebook most frequently appear in the form of content-recommendation ad units.

They are really just trying to get the click and monetize the click.”Marc Goldberg, the CEO of Trust Metrics, a company that evaluates online publishers and apps for quality, told Buzz Feed News that Facebook’s decision to down rank links from sites with low-quality ads could help choke off revenue for fake sites and fraudulent publishers.“Fake publishing, fake news — there is a tremendous underbelly there that continues to siphon off ad dollars,” he said.Sexy Rhinestone Low Back Chain This belly chain is adjustable to different sizes; up to 42″ hips. Great to wear with your Sharifwear dance wear, or your swimming suit 🙂 A hot accessory for our Belly Divas! What have you got to lose – except your jelly belly!

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”Buzz Feed News recently profiled exactly the kind of site Facebook is now targeting.