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30-Dec-2017 21:52

When Carole gives birth, she will be younger by four years than the oldest woman in Britain to become a mother — Patricia Rashbrook, who in 2006 gave birth to a son at the age of 62.

And while she accepts that in an ideal world that means ­having a loving father, too, she does not consider it essential.‘Of course, fathers are important to children; but better no father than one who causes emotional or physical ­damage to a child,’ she says.When they are older, I shall take them to their countries of origin so they can learn about their cultures.‘If there are issues, there are donor conception networks which can give advice and help.‘I’m not pretending it won’t be hard at times, but, as a parent, my role is to love and help these two babies to become happy, independent individuals.’ What makes Carole’s decision even more remarkable, perhaps, is her ­profession.‘That is just the way the world is,’ she says matter-of-factly.

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‘If women in Britain are not donating eggs, then you have to take a more global view.‘As for my children being mixed race, we now live in a multi-ethnic society where it is simply not an issue.‘I believe a child’s identity comes from being loved and knowing themselves, rather than skin tone.

A California mother was killed on Friday night on her way home from visiting her premature twin babies in the NICU in a suspected DUI crash.