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18-Oct-2017 15:58

A read-only text box looks the same as a read/write text box, so it might be confusing to a user. Is Enabled There are two properties that you can use to control whether the text box displays text on more than one line. You can make it much faster and easier for users to enter data in your app by setting the input scope of the text control to match the kind of data you expect the user to enter.You typically set both properties to make a multi-line text box. The input scope provides a hint to the system about the type of text input expected by the control so the system can provide a specialized touch keyboard layout for the input type.A password box looks like a text input box, except that it renders bullets in place of the text that has been entered. Add(text Box); Here's the text box that results from this XAML.

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Scrolling using a scroll-wheel or touch is automatically enabled when needed. To align the text box within the layout of the page, use the Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment properties. (Is Spell Check Enabled also affects the Text Box when a hardware keyboard is used.) For more info and examples, see Use input scope to change the touch keyboard and the property documentation.

Use a Rich Edit Box to display and edit rich text files. You typically use an event like a submit button click to access the Text property, but you can handle the Text Changed or Text Changing event if you need to do something when the text changes.

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