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24-Jun-2017 22:50

As these women penetrate, even saturate, the global marketplace in coming decades, I think they will introduce remarkably innovative ideas and practices. Feminine thinking is even affecting our basic beliefs about justice, health, charity, leisure, intimacy, romance, and family.

So I start with that aspect of femininity that I believe will have the most ubiquitous impact on tomorrow.

In this chapter I maintain that women, on average, take a broader perspective than men do—on any issue. They also display more mental flexibility, apply more intuitive and imaginative judgments, and have a greater tendency to plan long term—other aspects of their contextual perspective.

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As women make decisions, they weigh more variables, consider more options and outcomes, recall more points of view, and see more ways to proceed. And women, on average, tolerate ambiguity better than men do—probably because they visualize more of the factors involved in any issue.

To prevent these crimes, prosecute the perpetrators and protect the victims, society as a whole needs to make sure it does not shy away from the problem, but brings it to light and discusses ways and takes practical steps to solve it.