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As a result, media attention turned to a few primitive pages posted by an apparent young woman who aspired to make it “a sanctuary for things special to me — art, poetry, sexuality, verse, notions, perceptions, thoughts.” No one would have cared if this “Belinda” did not reveal that an offer was made to buy the dot-com from her before the Stronach campaign settled on dot-ca instead.Given how digital politics were still a novelty, with little grasp of how its interaction could work, this showed how easily an irrelevant online blunder could become a newsworthy distraction."This was a very big surprise to me, and to our family, because Tie had little to no interest in politics, and in fact had not the slightest idea about political ideology or even the slightest inkling about the ideological difference between the candidates." Affair conducted at family's home, wife alleges Leanne Domialso claimed thather husband bought her a condo in Ontario's Muskoka district in March to distract her from his "important time with Belinda— including what I now believe (but cannot prove) were his trysts with her by our pool in the eveningof late May and early June." She said she would come home to cushions strewn aroundthe pool andempty wine bottles.She also claimed that the security camera was deactivated.

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Yet, a decade later, the Stronach campaign and subsequent political career is worth a second look for the way it changed Canadian politics — for better and for worse.

When the 38-year-old rookie MP arrives at the Palais des Congrès in Old Montreal to register for the party's inaugural policy convention, she steps off the escalator like a blast of colour amid a sea of navy blue suits and the odd Stetson.

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