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06-Jun-2017 15:45

These questionable techniques include partial freezing and cold storage for weeks at a time before they hit your supermarket shelf.

Even if you buy organic eggs from Whole Foods or other healthfood store, it is possible to get old eggs.

This number is the Julian Date and indicates the day of the year that the eggs were cleaned and packed into the carton.

A carton stamped with 000 means the eggs were packed on January 1 and a number of 213 means they were packed on August 2.

Don’t you just love the way truly fresh eggs look in a bowl after you crack them?

The yolks are so perfectly rounded and the whites whip up into the fluffiest meringue!

A heartbeat may not be visible during an ultrasound if the examination is performed early in pregnancy.

Evaluation of the anatomy is extremely limited in the first trimester. An empty sac in the uterus may occur with a pregnancy that implants somewhere other than the uterus (ectopic pregnancy).

Whether or not it’s an ectopic pregnancy can be further determined by checking for a rise in the amount of the hormone beta-h CG in the blood.

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While the horse is intelligent among subhuman animals, it is safe to say that the horse is more concerned with the functioning of its acute sensory reception and its musculature than with mental processes.… continue reading »

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